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The Loreley Rifle Association is an independent group that operates on the grounds of the German-Canadian Club Loreley, in accordance with the by-laws of Club Loreley and the rules and regulations pertaining to its shooting program. It consists of members of the Rifle Association who are dedicated to target shooting.

Anyone in good standing and their children (who must be at least 14 years of age) can become a member of the Rifle Association.

Membership fees are $50.00 for regular and senior members, and $30.00 for social and junior members (effective Jan. 2006). This entitles every member to participate in one of the following shooting categories: rifle shooting, pistol shooting, or senior shooting (if a shooter qualifies age-wise).

The shooting program complies with the rules and regulations established by the Shooting Federation of Canada. For competition within the program of the Shooting Federation of Canada ,the rules of the federation must be strictly observed.

For more information, please contact the chairman of the Club Loreley Rifle Association.