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Rifle Association - History

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The Rifle Association was founded in 1967. During a Club Loreley picnic, some members interested in shooting had the idea to form a Rifle Association with the German Club. Kurt Wagner took the initiative and created the "Loreley Rifle Association". He was elected chairman and held this position for two years. In 1969 Alfred Mühlbach became his successor. Ernst Stader held the position from 1970 to 1974, and Kurt Wagner again for the next three years. Rolf Rocker took over the position in 1977 for six years, then from 1984 Ernst Stader for another five years, and again Rolf Rocker from 1989 to 1994. For nine years, Ernst Stader was the chairperson of the Rifle Club. After Ernst, Peter Biller became chairperson and currently holds that position. The membership varied in those years, from a high of 40 active to a low of 15 members. At the present time we are looking at about 15 or so members, and are still active.

Our Rifle Club took part in many rifle competitions, either in Ontario with the Canadian Rifle Association, or matches in Canada. We also had matches with Clubs from as far as Australia and Germany. The highlight was a trip to Germany in 1974, we visited four well known Clubs with excellent shooters. One Club even had a German Champion among them, needless to say, we did not do to well against that Club!

Since 1973, our group has had competition shoot outs with "Club Maple Leaf Almrausch" from Ottawa for the " O'Connor Award". Many years later we added another Trophy which we called "Hermann Kassinger Wanderpokal". Still to that date, we compete with Maple Leaf Almrausch every year, once in Oshawa, and the next year in Ottawa.