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Rifle Association - Description II

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Description II
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Usually, one single session lasts about 15 minutes. A range officer commences and terminates the firing session to ensure safety precautions. During the first part of the session, five targets similar to the picture above are placed 10m from the firer. The firer attempts two shots for each target on each of the five targets. The maximum points to be attained are 100. This is repeated three times to fulfill one session, so that the maximum attainable points for one single session are 300 points. You can see below a picture of the stance of a typical firer, and the type of air rifle used:

Analogous to the rifle competition, a similar competition exists for pistol shooters. The pistol resembles a handgun, and functions much like the air rifle. The rules are pretty much the same except you are only allowed to use one arm when firing the air pistol. Many members compete in both the air rifle and air pistol competitions.

The strain of one session is quite exhausting, and in order to achieve maximum points usually only one session is attempted to maximize efficiency and increase one's individual score throughout the competition. However, endurance through members vary, and some members may even attempt up to three session in a single day! In order to complete one season, the competitor must fulfill 25 sessions ('club rules') during the course of the season.


Members on the firing range with the air rifles



Members using the air pistols