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TOPIC: weekend business ideas

1 year, 1 month ago weekend business ideas #194

rental living

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1 year ago weekend business ideas #198

hi can anyone help i looking at starting my own home business and looking for some good ideas i dont have much capital to start with about

11 months ago weekend business ideas #203

Im female, 16 and boarding at college. I want to try and make some money by creating a business, but I have no ideas. Also studying 4 A-Levels, so nothing too big. If anyone has any ideas on anything I can do, please let me know. It would be very much appreciated
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9 months, 2 weeks ago weekend business ideas #211

I want to start a small business in my neighborhood shopping center. There are plenty of people and the empty business is about the size of a small ice cream shop. Do you have any unique ideas, or something that would sell well?

7 months ago weekend business ideas #228

Time deposit your money, Im sorry but you are too young, you cant start anything which can be serious, because no one will look at you seriously. Sorry :/
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